adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond 20210904

It’s not comfortable to wear. It’s stuck on the instep of the left foot. I can’t stand it after wearing it all morning. I don’t know what the sole of the shoes is. I’m still slippery when I walk. I almost fell down today and I don’t have any grip at all

Why not There is a problem with the design of the shoes. The pressure on my feet is too painful. I went out to wear them in the morning. I almost threw them off half the way for an hour now! Just shoelace went, wear still press instep ache! It’s not so tight! The size of the shoes is right. The only place where I take photos is that my feet are pressed red. There is a big problem in the design of this place! Oh! This pair of shoes 11 Tao, sure also wear this time, really can’t wear…

adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond

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