adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond 20210810

The first generation I bought years ago is very comfortable. The sole of the second generation has been widened, the texture has been increased, and the workmanship is good. The 41 I bought before is a little bigger. This time, it’s half a yard lower. The shoe hall is tighter, and the shoe length is just right. I think it can be worn.

I’m also drunk in this kind of business. My twins took two pairs of shoes on the double 11, one pair can be worn, and the other is too small to send it to me. Since the double twelve are coming, they still haven’t sent them to me. Every time I ask the customer service, they are saying that they are dealing with it or ignore you at all. I can’t stand his attitude. I just want to change a pair of shoes instead of returning them. I’m thinking about this What kind of attitude can make customers satisfied

adidas Alpha Bounce Beyond

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