adidas Originals NMD R1 20210808

The style and quality are very good. This clover is too large. I bought a bigger one for the first time and replaced it with a smaller one. The seller exchanged goods quickly. SF Express has received new products in two days. Thank you for ADI flagship store!

R1pk is bigger than UB, I thought I was wearing top foot, but I was worried that it was superfluous. I don’t need to test the shoes according to my experience.. Foot feel is not enough, but the style is very complementary

I bought it on November 11. I wear it for the first time today. It’s very comfortable. The sole is very soft, the shoes are light and the feet feel very good. I originally planned to buy a pair of shoes for winter. But the upper of these shoes is relatively thin, which is only suitable for spring, summer and autumn. Like the weather in Guangzhou, winter is not particularly cold, and you can wear them 365 days a year.

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