Air Jordan 11 20210806

Good! Feel a little bigger! Usually wear size 43! It’s a little big on it! Because I was in a hurry to wear it, I took a pair of 42.5 just right! A lot of postage is wasted! It doesn’t matter!

I don’t need too much introduction, right To tell you the truth, the workmanship is really not as good as the big dunk, embroidery has become offset printing. The upper foot will still be beautiful, but the foot feel is much better than the big dunk. After studying with my friends, I think the insole has been changed, so the foot feel is better. The actual combat effect is also better than the big slam dunk, which is also 44 yards. The toe strap of the big slam dunk is loose. Concord doesn’t have this trouble at all. However, in view of the difficulty of hygiene, I also wear them in practice, and wear them back to ZK or HD series in the game.

Air Jordan 11

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